Return Policy

Return Policy

We supply products from the World’s leading manufactures, but understandably from time-to-time things can go wrong or faulty & you may need to arrange a return. The good news is all our products are supplied with local NZ warranties & we have a dedicated returns team ready to help.

7 day Return Policy

We provide 7 day Return Policy for most of our items. If you changed your mind or made an incorrect choice of the product you want, just simply fill in our return form on the website bottom, all we require is that the product is unopened and the packaging is in its original new condition. If the product has been opened or used and customer still want to return within 7 working days, a 20% re-stocking fee will be applied. These excludes any specially ordered items, licenses and/or extended warranties.

Any un-opened and un-damaged goods outside of the 7 day return policy cannot be returned for credit unless Mitu Ltd allows the return with a restocking fee based on a special circumstance (this decision is made by Mitu Ltd). If accepted back there is a 15% restocking fee, maximum return period that may be accepted with a 15% restocking fee is 20 days (no longer) from your delivery.

Mitu has the right to refuse a refund on opened packages and packages outside of the 7 day return policy. Opened packages within the 7 day return policy may be accepted back if Mitu wishes to stock the item as a second (this decision is totally up to Mitu Ltd). Opened and used returns incur a restocking fee of 25% to 50%.

The Restocking fee could be more totally dependent on product and situation. (Final Decision is made by Mitu Ltd)

Why we charge a restocking fee on returns is because we do not want customers purchasing from us on a try before buy basis.

The restocking fee only is applicable when the item is outside of the returns period or is damaged or used. As we then need to re-sell this as a clearance item at a loss in price.

All products must be returned with all accessories and packaging we cannot accept back any product that is missing packaging or accessories.

Once we received your return request, we can either do product exchange or credit refund for you. Please note in all above circumstance, customer needs to cover the returning shipping fee.

Damaged or Incorrect Items on arrival

If your ordered items you received is damaged or is not the one you ordered when it arrived. Please keep the items unopened, and contact us ASAP by either filling in the form or calling phone directly. We will arrange and solve the issues for you very soon, and you do not need to pay any further shipping charge.

Faulty Items when in use

If you bought items from us and you have started using it, then found it became faulty or not usable. Don’t worry, all our products are from NZ based suppliers and distributors, every single of them has its own warranty time frame. Different products have different warranty time. We will always have warranty information in our product description page for each of our product. For checking your product warranty status, you can contact us by providing the invoice number. All faulty repairs and replacements go direct to the local distributor/service agent and are repaired or replaced under warranty. Many of our products warranty claims are handled by the manufacturer directly. If we handle the warranty process it may be necessary for you to contact the manufacturer’s support line to troubleshoot and obtain a case number for authorizing a return. You are responsible for the return of faulty items, unless the manufacturer’s warranty offers a collection or onsite repair/replacement.

Repairing for products not under warranty

Sorry,  we do not accept returns for a product has been used for a long time and warranty has expired. However, if you found your item is faulty or not usable and warranty is expired, you can choose to make a request for repairing from us. Our technician team can repair and fix most computer and electronic devices issues for our customers. You can either come to our Christchurch store with the faulty items if you are local or send the item back to us if you are outside of Christchurch. Shipping and repair cost will apply. For more information about our repairing service, you can view on or clicking here for detail prices.

Product Compatibility Issues

Please choose your product carefully. We try to provide as much information on each component as possible but due to the range of hardware & software compatibility/conflict issues we cannot guarantee your item will work with your system configuration. If the component is incompatible it does not mean it is faulty.

Loss of Data

It is your responsibility to back up your data. Failure to back up may result in loss of valuable data. If you need to return an item or you want us to repair your item, please note that assessment and/or repair of the item may result in the loss of data. We are not liable for any damage to or loss of any programs, data, or other information stored on any media contained within electronic or computing products. Alternatively, you can also request us to back up and recover your data before repairing, the back up fee will applied.


Reminders: It is very important to always keep your invoice we provided to you. The invoice is the ONLY evidence for us to proceed your returning process and warranty check. Thanks for your supporting.

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